Blake Boles

#9: Zero Tuition College

Blake Boles talks about how to unschool during the college years.

Today we talk with Blake Boles, a 28-year-old unschooling advocate and popular homeschooling conference speaker who wrote College Without High School: A Teenager’s Guide to Skipping High School and Going to College, is founder of Unschool Adventures and, more recently, Zero Tuition College.

Zero Tuition College basically is a web site and community that assists unschoolers and likeminded folks who want to unschool during the college years. It lays out the reasons for skipping institutional higher education, connects students with mentors, and helps guide those who want to unschool during college but might not know how.

Zero Tuition doesn’t grant degrees, but it does show students how to develop a portfolio of work and market the hell out of that work.

“A degree represents competency. Competency represents itself,” says Blake.

We talk with Blake about the the ideas behind Zero Tuition College and how he got into unschooling during his college years.

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