College is Debt, Not Opportunity

Unschooler Dale Stephens suggests it is irresponsible to encourage young people to get a college degree for a brighter future.

According to unschooler Dale Stephens, penisole who founded uncollege.org, just because you have a degree it does not necessarily mean it will sildenafil drug class secure a brighter future for you.

Today, I think it’s Home Page irresponsible to suggest to http://cialis7days-pharmacy.com/chloromycetin-price.php young people that getting a university degree will secure a brighter future. The reality is that only half of recent college graduates are working in jobs that require zyrtec online their degree, and they are doing so with an average of $27,000 in debt.

And since most school leavers are usually not familiar with self-education, Dale has an alternative to formal higher education should he ever decide to triphala cost design a program.

If I were to design a program as an alternative to formal higher education, it would have four parts:

The Effective Self – Develop the habits and practices of successful people, understand the depths of who you are and what you want to contribute. Actualize yourself.

Hackademics – Practice the basic and advanced skills required to participate in today’s information economy. From Math and Programming, to Design and Communication, you’ll quickly pick up skills above and beyond any college curriculum.

Common Experiences – Share adventures around the world, and visit pockets of great people and innovation across the globe. Have jobs and experiences that connect you with both the world’s elite and the rest of humanity.

Human Understanding – Learn the equivalent of a liberal arts education, developing a foundation of knowledge that bridges cultures and fosters meaningful connections across disciplines and boundaries.

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Starrwyn Tonkin
Starrwyn is an unschooling, re-thinking everything mom to four. Originally from South Africa, she now lives on the beautiful, tropical island of Mauritius.