Brenna McBroom

#6: Skipping College

Today we talk with Brenna McBroom, a 20-year-old grown unschooler in Asheville, North Carolina who left college for a career in pottery. Brenna talks about the anxiety of choosing NOT to attend college, the the merits of self-directing learning in the college years, and her...


Adventures for Unschoolers

Unschoolers can be really busy, but we also often have more freedom than folks locked in a school or doing a nine-to-five job. This leads us, as a whole, to travel a lot and take on interesting projects maybe a little more than most folks....

Grown homeschooler Seth Smith in 2000.

The Lasting Influence of Homeschooling

How do homeschoolers turn out as adults? I’ve been writing and speaking about homeschooling for more than 20 years, and this is a question that everybody asks me, from homeschooling parents to media outlets such as the BBC and READ MORE »

Tara with Zeb by creek

The Necessity of Deschooling


Tara Wagner, who left school in 9th grade, talks pretty eloquently in Idzie's blog about the need to deschool when you pick up and leave institutional education. Reading between the lines, you can feel the detox she went through once...

Peter Kowalke

#5: Peter Kowalke on the Sociable Homeschooler

Recently Vivienne McNeny and I had a nice long chat over at the Sociable Homeschooler podcast. In the interview we covered unschooling identity, how I learned to read by writing to girls, questioning, and a whole bunch of other interesting...


Confronting a World Where People Don’t Study


As much as I question college, I love studying. I’m a major academics geek. Randomly put me in a room with 10 people, and most of the time I will be the one who sounds like a college professor; I’m almost always passionately studying some...

Julian Baptista

Building a Career in Music

People often ask me what I'm doing with my life. I'm sure this is pretty common for most people, but especially for unschoolers. I've never been much for the seemingly snarky response, "following my passions," although that's certainly what I've done. Ever since I can...

Brian Walton

#4: How to Be a Librarian

Many, many unschoolers want to be librarians. It could be because so many unschoolers are library power users. It could be because librarians act a lot like unschoolers. It could be because the thought of living among books all day is pretty...