Sandra Dodd and Peter Kowalke discuss homeschooling

#8: Unschooling Has Changed

Does unschooling carry into adulthood as an identity now that there's a larger community of self-directed learners and home education has come of age? Radical unschooling advocate Sandra Dodd and Unschooler Experiment editor Peter Kowalke debate whether the grown homeschooler...

Join us at the Rethinking Everything Conference!

Event: Join Peter at the Rethinking Everything Con in Dallas!


Questioning and experimentation is at the heart of unschooling and The Unschooler Experiment, which is why we're proud to announce that we will be sponsoring this year's Rethinking Everything Conference, which takes place in Dallas Sept. 2-5. The...

Hafidha Acuay

Leaving Islam for Unschooling


Hafidha Acuay, 30, a grown unschooler from Battle Ground, Wash., sat down to chat about what she’s doing and thinking now. This interview was originally published in 2007 by Life Learning Magazine. A Slow Evolution Now Fast I work for an electric utility...

Carsie Blanton

#7: Ain’t So Green


Today we talk with Carsie Blanton, a grown unschooler from Philadelphia who has spent the past four years establishing herself as a professional musician. While the first few years were lean, Carsie now makes a "middle class" living, she says,...

Studying Chinese

Studying Independently with Others

Recently I’ve been on an Asian history kick. I caught the bug last year when studying the history of India since independence because it has been invaluable in understanding the current dynamics in the country. It also highlighted how Eurocentric we can be in the...


Bookshelf: Why Everyone Else is a Hypocrite

Recent books recommended by other unschoolers, including Why Everyone is a Hypocrite, Cognitive Surplus, Citizen You: Doing Your Part to Change the World, Brilliant: The Evolution of Artificial Light and Pavement Chalk Artist.

If you have a book to suggest, READ MORE »

Brenna McBroom

#6: Skipping College

Today we talk with Brenna McBroom, a 20-year-old grown unschooler in Asheville, North Carolina who left college for a career in pottery. Brenna talks about the anxiety of choosing NOT to attend college, the the merits of self-directing learning in the college years, and her...


Adventures for Unschoolers

Unschoolers can be really busy, but we also often have more freedom than folks locked in a school or doing a nine-to-five job. This leads us, as a whole, to travel a lot and take on interesting projects maybe a little more than most folks....