Julian Baptista

Building a Career in Music

People often ask me what I'm doing with my life. I'm sure this is pretty common for most people, but especially for unschoolers. I've never been much for the seemingly snarky response, "following my passions," although that's certainly what I've done. Ever since I can...

Brian Walton

#4: How to Be a Librarian

Many, many unschoolers want to be librarians. It could be because so many unschoolers are library power users. It could be because librarians act a lot like unschoolers. It could be because the thought of living among books all day is pretty...

Peter Griffin

A Foreigner in His Own Country

Peter Griffin, 32, a grown unschooler from Brooklyn, N.Y., sat down to chat about what he’s doing and thinking now. This interview was originally published in 2006 by Life Learning Magazine. Media Education Director I’m executive director of a small media organization in upstate New...

Samantha Armbruster and Charlotte Clark

Choosing School

I never thought I would go to high school. I’m 16 and the youngest of four children, none of whom went to “real school,” so I assumed I would do the same. But here I am in school, and I’m not rabidly against unschooling. In...

Lynda Young and kids

Second Generation Unschooling and New Zealand Yarn

Today we talk with Lynda Young, a second generation unschooler in Walpole, Maine who is homeschooling her own kids and running a yarn business with her mom. We discuss how she unschools differently than her...

Hear us talk!

See Peter and Sandra Dodd Talk Unschooling in NYC

We recorded the talk! Listen to it here. Live in or near New York City? Come watch Peter and popular unschooling speaker Sandra Dodd discuss the...

Jessica Barker

Fighting the Expectation to Be Awesome

I made the Grown Without Schooling Documentary partially to dispel the myth and expectation that I had to be awesome all the time. This feeling of needing to be awesome is an occupational hazard if you're an unschooler, especially for those of us who started...

Not Back to School Camp

Unschooling Conferences We Love

Talking on the internet with other unschoolers and likeminded people is good. Talking on the phone is even better. But nothing beats seeing unschoolers in person. And while getting unschoolers together sometimes can be like herding cats,...