Week of the Idzie

Week of the IdzieIdzie Desmarais, a grown unschooler from Montreal, writes one of the most thoughtful blogs about the lasting influence of home education. We’re proud to spotlight Idzie’s work and ideas in this special 8-part series, Week of the Idzie.

Each day from Dec 20-27 we will release a new piece from Idzie, each on the topic of socialization and how unschooling leaves a lasting imprint on the unschooler. The series will culminate in Idzie performing the essays on an episode of the Unschooler Experiment Podcast.

We also interviewed Idzie earlier this year. You can find the interview here.


One Comment on Week of the Idzie

  1. Laura says:

    Linda Charlie, It is true that there is a loss of mainstream siaialozction when you start thinking of ways to incredibly enhance the education of your children.My parents tossed their TV in the 1950 s when I was born. If it could be visited or experienced within their limited but creative budgeting we went. It is true that I didn’t know many cartoon characters or commercial jingles but they accomplished their goal, I was an avid reader. I was the only child in my area or in neighboring school districts to be selected for an area wide gifted program. I wasn’t normal . I knew things other children didn’t know. I had skills that other children didn’t have. Eventually because of this and many other progressive educational supports from my family I ended up on a full scholarship to an Ivy League school. Very few children from my working class city left home to go to college let alone an elite college. I did, because my parents didn’t think that cookie cutter siaialozction and normative education were necessary requisites for success in life. I am deeply grateful to them and want such a gift for my child. Thank you to all who set the bar high for broad and rich educational experience instead of popular culture pablum that promotes a lack of creativity and critical thinking, a lack of historical knowlege, an addicition to uniformity and sameness, and handicaps our next generation.[]

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